National Regional reaffirms dedication to Portsmouth

National Regional Property Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the future of Portsmouth by extending its partnership with Shaping Portsmouth.

The company has renewed its associate membership the organisation, which aims to improve the economic wellbeing of the city by bringing the public and private sector together. Chief executive Shaun Adams says it’s further proof of National Regional Property Group’s commitment to the city.

He said: “Portsmouth is our home town. It’s where we were founded and we’re very proud to be part of the business community here. We feel it’s important that local businesses work together to constantly improve the areas they operate in and that’s why our involvement in Shaping Portsmouth is something we’re passionate about.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the organisation for many years to come.”

National Regional Property Group has long been a supporter of Shaping Portsmouth. Its chairman Walter Cha played a key role in launching in the group eight years ago. His involvement in the organisation over the years was recently part of the reason he was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Managing director Allan Gordon and Development Manager Filipe Martins are also heavily involved as chairman and developer representative of Shaping Portsmouth Developers Group respectively.

Stef Nienaltowski, director at Shaping Portsmouth said: “Shaping Portsmouth is delighted to have secured for a second year the support of the National Regional Development Group. The benefits this partnership brings to the City of Portsmouth is very broad and exciting for the business community and the population at large.

“The voluntary hours Allan Gordon, Jo Burfitt and Filipe Martins donate are incredibly valuable and have a direct effect on what we are able to deliver. Without partners like NRPG we cannot continue our work for the City and I look forward to expanding the work we do together in the coming year.”

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